Trapper Jake

Trapper Jake


"Trapper Jake" Is a poignant look at a man who is both of a different time and has different perspective on life. His musings on the changing world around him are both extremely poignant and charming. The film chronicles the 97 year old trapper as he shows you how he prepares his traps, his pelts, and his philosophy on a trade that he has done since the age of 7. The film is a unflinching look at the trapping industry, but it also provides insight into some of the more common misconceptions regarding trapping. The documentary takes no stance on his trade and is neither “pro” or “anti” anything. As with anyone who has been doing something for 90 years, he is workman-like, and has been doing what he does to provide for his family since the time of The Great Depression. The film takes place in Wyoming and it’s scenery provides both wondrous cinematography and also plays a character in the documentary as we watch Jake deal with jagged mountainous terrain under oppressive heat, and walking over frozen lakes in the middle of Winter just to do his job.

A man is both of a different time and has different prospective.....

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